A Note from Terry

“I have photographed Houston’s homeless community for close to 15 years, and more specifically the homeless men and women who live on the streets and under the bridges in downtown. In 2005, I joined HomeAid Houston as a photographer and writer. There, I continued my photography, but as I engaged on a more personal level with the residents in the shelters we built, I was privileged to hear their stories and to appreciate their struggles on a deeper level. This was a new perspective for me. I began to wonder what life looked like through the lens of someone who actually was homeless.

After meeting with several shelters in the Houston area in late 2012, I began working with their clients distributing disposable cameras so they could document their daily lives living as a homeless person. The photos that came back were amazing. From funny to heartbreaking, to inspiring to intimate, each photo is special because it tells a part of their personal story, through their eyes, through their lens. It is an unfiltered look at lives we can never fully comprehend. It is an opportunity to learn and to better understand what it truly means to be homeless and feeling hopeless.” Terry Swenson

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