The Cold Streets of Houston’s Homeless

This winter, across our great nation, many of us have been affected by ice gripping the pavements and whipping winds tearing through our clothes. In Houston, approximately 4,000 men, women and children are homeless, living in the streets and forced to endure the harsh weather with little clothing and barely any food. Especially during this time of year, an unsheltered person is lucky to have a blanket.

Picture This: As the temperature drops below freezing, imagine sleeping on a cold, wet sidewalk, wrapped in whatever you were lucky enough to find.

Homeless Warning Advisories and Emergency Tactics
When we receive winter warning advisories alerting us about below zero temperatures, we need to consider our homeless, unsheltered citizens as an Emergency Crisis situation that requires our immediate help. How many blankets do you have stuffed in a closet that you aren’t using anymore? Please grab them, put them in your car and drive to a nearby shelter and donate them. Trust me…shelters can use every, single blanket right now.

Outreach efforts are needed from volunteers in every area of H-Town, so please make the time and call a shelter or food pantry and lend a hand to your unsheltered neighbor.

Join Picture This at our upcoming events:

March – Support Picture This Project’s “This is Life”
Invite your friends to our next exhibit, “This is the Life” by Ken Hoge, Owen Fisher, and Terry Swenson’s PICTURE THIS Project with photos taken by homeless individuals. Open your calendars and plug in our upcoming show: “This is Life” will run March 15– June 6 at the Art Car Museum. The exhibit is for FotoFest and the Museum will be hosting a special OPENING on March 15th from 7 – 10 p.m. Art Car Museum hours are Wednesday through Sunday from 11 a.m. – 6 p.m. Admission is always free.

April – Spread the Word for our Veterans Exclusive Exhibit
For a limited time, the Homeless U.S. Veterans’ Exhibit will be on view April 28th through June 6th at the Houston Public Library, at Downtown 500 McKinney. This special homeless Veteran exhibit will be presented for a limited time; so don’t miss your chance to experience the intimate images taken by loyal Vets who are struggling with homelessness. Visit for Library hours of operation and directions. Admission to the exhibit is FREE.